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Welcome to World's First Acting Festival

ActFest is the only international festival dedicated to the Actor. While there are film festivals galore that showcase the incredible talent and craft of filmmaking, we felt it is only fair to give actors their due for bringing the characters to life in the stories.

ActFest brings together Indian and international artistes, performers, students and professionals to meet and exchange experiences, differences and hands-on knowledge. We bring together the best educators in the field, and explore the nature and future of the art of acting. The festival hopes to bring to the fore ethical and ideological challenges associated with the art of acting and make it a truly enriching experience for all.

ActFest 2019

The festival explores and delves into the mind and space of an actor, looking at every technical aspect through his/her lens. ActFest goes beyond just the biggest stars and their achievements; it will take a look into the struggles, indeed the failures as actors inch their way up the ladder.

Participating in ActFest will broaden the horizon for the aspiring Indian actor- by recognising that only talent is not enough. Proactivity, professionalism, networking, staying healthy and safe and a positive attitude are equally as important. It will be a platform for the actor to listen and be heard.

Industry Speakers
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Sessions in 2 Days
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What We Offer
Celebrating the art and craft of ‘acting’

Two action-packed days where industry stalwarts share their knowledge and experience to benefit thousands of aspiring artistes. Workshops & engrossing panel discussions will inspire & motivate you.